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I was honored to create visuals for the National Palace Museum of Taiwan. This work is part of the permanent exhibition „A New Vision of National Treasures“ in Taipei. The challenge was to create an abstract interpretation of 6 selected iconic items of taiwanese history with a dynamic visual in terms of sense and color. I studied the objects, its history and meaning quite a while and ran research on colors and their cultural context. In order to get an authentic character and honest appearance, I decided to use historic pigments to create my own paint and ink. It was an inspiring process to create these fluids by hand and I will extend my experiments in the future.

The team in Taiwan was shooting in parallel in the museum and we were in exchange constantly. Due to the fact that I was not allowed to travel, this became a complete remote job in quarantine. I will keep it in good memory. I hope you get the idea of how all this comes together.

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