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Customized Productions of Experimental Visual Art and Color Art Video Production

I offer customized productions of visual effects, macro fluid art, and anything experimental which has to do with colors and motion, including color art video production. Clients get access to all my visualization methods and a library of demos and styles to start from. I use an extensive arsenal of colors, fluids, pigments, and powders for R&D, artistic research, and production, including color art video production. Meanwhile, I create a substantial part of paints myself. Most of my images arise on paper, but I also work with petri dishes, fish tanks, wooden plates, and much more.

Shooting in Raw is a must to capture the maximum detail and dynamic range, especially in color art video production. I use a RED DSMC2 system and provide images in 8K DCI with 16-bit color depth. These specs offer plenty of options for post-processing, plus the freedom to finish in whatever resolution needed. My macro lens collection covers different focal lengths and reproduction scales. I use everything from 12 mm wide-angle macro to 180 mm close-up in reproduction scales up to 5:1 microscopic magnification.

A lot of my clips are recorded as a static top shot; however, I also use 4-axis motion control and powerful light fixtures on set to give my shots impact and depth, especially in color art video production. Fluid Art on the macro scale is an interdisciplinary task, asking for technical precision and creativity. Every image is unique and can’t be reproduced the exact same way twice.

Processing 8K in post-production is demanding, but this is the place where the images really come to life, especially in color art video production. To handle heavy color grading tasks and video retouching in 8K natively, I use a 36-core dual Xeon Workstation from HP, dual RTX A6000 Graphics, and several raid systems for storage and file management. Editing, Retouching, and Color Grading in 16-bit, done in DaVinci Resolve from start to finish.


Feel free to touch base with me and discuss your requirements. I’m happy to guide you through my workflow, from R&D to production and post-processing, including color art video production. Let’s create the images of tomorrow. Images that trigger metaphors and carry the deeper structure of visual storytelling, including color art video production. Images with outstanding vibrancy, huge dynamic range, and 3D-pop from the richest color palette you can imagine, including color art video production. Also look at our HDR fluid art wallpaper 4k App

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