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CHROMA GALAXY - The HDR fluid art wallpaper 4K App.


CHROMA GALAXY is the first HDR fluid art wallpaper 4K app for mobile devices with an exquisite collection of high resolution motion wallpapers in 4K. The App is available for all compatible Android devices at Google Play. With a total of over 250 HDR fluid art wallpaper 4k wallpapers and 16 collections, I'm able to provide motion visuals in pristine image quality for the private end user - for the first time. Live wallpapers have a runtime of 20 seconds and are optimized for mobile applications to run at maximum image quality from midrange to flagship smartphones. The files are implemented natively in H.265 and run in loop mode. Furthermore, each wallpaper is offered in a static version as well to provide the best experience possible and to let the user decide which type of background visual suits best. The Favorites collection for Pro users makes managing and switching wallpapers fast and effortless.

The 16 collections cover the majority of my visuals methods, from abstract fluid images made with acrylic paint to complex compositions with custom fluids and hand made ink. Chroma Galaxy will be updated regulary with new collections to expand my wallpaper portfolio with new themes and color profiles over time. As usual, all content was shot in 8K Raw with a RED digital cinema camera to maintain maximum color depth and vibrance. During post production, I ran extensive series of tests to find the perfect balance for color and contrast as well as motion and speed. On one hand, live  HDR fluid art wallpaper 4K enrich the visual experience for mobile, on the other hand they can conflict with the UI and distract the user. Visual perception is very subjective, which is the main reason the collections offer diferent gradations of vibrance, contrast and color.

One of my biggest concerns for this app was to make it free of ads, banners and annoying marketing because I wanted to offer a great visual experience without any disctraction for friends and followers. The free version of CHROMA GALAXY comes with a variety pack of 20 of my best wallpapers form all categories in full 4K resolution. Browse the collection and download whatever you want. You are welcome and I appreciate you are using my app to beautify your smartphone. Pro users pay a one time fee of 3,99 $ to get unlimited access of HDR fluid art wallpaper 4k and collections, all future updates included. On top you can compile your top selection of all wallpapers and manage them in the Favorites tab.

Finally, the app is directly connected to my youtube channel. As some collections feature content from my awared shorts, users can switch to youtube directly from within the app and watch full length collection movies in up to 8K HDR resolution on your smartphone.

To wrap it up, here are the top features of CHROMA GALAXY,the HDR Fluid Art Wallpaper 4k App

1. 250+ live HDR fluid art wallpaper 4k with extended runtimes of 20 seconds each.

2. 16 Collections with different styles, colors and scenarios.

3. Wallpapers from awarded shorts as well as app exclusive content. 

4. Updated with new collections regularly. 

5. Custom Collection Featuree for Pro users.

6. Free of annoying ads and banners. Forever. For Free and Pro users.

7. Free Users Welcome Pack with 30 top of the line live HDR fluid art wallpaper 4k. 

8. Dedicated youtube channel with collection movies in unrivaled 8K HDR.


Also look at our Customized Productions of Experimental Visual Art and Color Art Video Production.

As a final note: All wallpapers can be purchased for commercial use, exclusive or non-exclusive. B2B welcome!

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