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I'm happy to be part of Foundation for minting and listing exclusive NFT's for fans and collectors.

I used this opportunity to publish something completely new and never seen before. Emitter is a series of fluid art patterns, generated by a custom built paint dropping machine. The machine offers endless creative options to direct color patterns with a high complexity, accuracy and an unmatched color separation when unfolding the fluid stream on paper. The operator is able to adjust many different parameters on the setup until the desired image is achieved. From there on, Emitter can paint continuous sequences with runtimes of up to 4 hours without any interruption. In a long term perspective, I plan to release up to 100 unique pieces, solely printed with this machine.

Emitter is in pre-release status, but will launch soon with a set of videos, behind the scenes and making-of impressions.

Emitter 01
Emitter 02
Emitter 03
Emitter 04
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