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LIQUID SKIES is a continuation of my experimental short CHROMA GALAXIES, picking up the sky and space scenes in the final sequence.

I recently made a study on how to interpret transparent and translucent matter like air, fog, clouds and mist. During my research I found several illusions working quite well for cloudy sceneries with a top down angle. However skies at night and space are difficult to visualize as the sense of scale does not work that well in 2D on a piece of paper. When you look up in the sky, the dimension of infinity black, its depth and vastness is not only a visual thing, it is the complete perception of all senses and the way you relate to the sky as a small individual. That means, there is no way to entirely capture the sky and you need to work out your composition in order to evoke this specific feeling we all know. Luckily, I’m more on the abstract side which gives me a few extra options to stage the scenario. And once again, I was fascinated by the specific connection between close macro shots in real live and the perceived scale by the viewer. In contrast to CHROMA GALAXIES, this piece does not chase shot after shot, as observation of the sky is a slow process. Consider this as the basic idea.

Another aspect of this work was once again HDR. I got a lot of positive feedback on my last videos, especially because more and more people are watching them on their HDR capable smartphones and TVs. That being said, it is still a process. Grading and retouching video for HDR is really different, you need to practice your eyes and get rid of perception routines. Also, getting compatibility between HDR content and SDR displays is a big challenge if you want to max out luminance and color space like I do. Thats the reason I was recently uploading my videos in two versions. 
LIQUID SKIES is the first one I provide in HDR only with full SDR compatibility. And it is the first one in native 8K 60fps. It took me dozens of different grading versions and test uploads as well as the will to accept compromises.

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