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Client:     Incheon International Airport, Seoul
Agency:  Giantstep
Year:        2018

The T1 Media Tower is a 23 x 6 x 2 meters LED block with a total resolution of 4850 x 6560 pixels. It is located in Terminal 1 of the Incheon International Airport, Seoul, South Korea. 

Together with Giantstep we provided an experimental short film which was shot as vertical 8K asset. The concept was to create a dreamy and transcendent voyage, like a flyover with a view down to planet earth. We created an artistic interpretation of famous landscapes as well as international hotspots and metropolis. The images were created on paper with the use of many different fluids and paints. In post production, the 2D footage was blended with 3D models of buildings, boats and planes to increase the viewers experience and to achieve the high recognition value of famous areas and cities. The T1 Media Tower is a permanent installation.

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