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GEODAEHAN is a Korean term for anything huge, gigantic, vast or colossal.

This is the extract from a collabo of Terracollage and Giantstep for the Olympic Games opening ceremony in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The idea was to create landscapes on paper to tell the story of the 4 traditional elements of South Koreas cultural history: water, earth, fire and sky. We developed a specific shape and texture as well as a color scheme for each element according to the conditions of the motion design team. My job was to create a variety of landscapes and to feature topographic elements like rivers, lakes, mountains and rocks to get kind of an artistic aerial view on South Korea. I developed my methods further and experimented with filling paste and various consistencies to gently model the highs and lows with palette knifes and a lot of DIY stuff. However, the biggest challenge was that the directors only needed static topshots for the projection mapping on the stadium floor. I could not make use of any motion control or sideways camera angles to create depth in a scene (like I usually do).

During my research I stumbled upon Taebaek Mountains, the biggest mountain range of South and North Korea. I was also fascinated by traditional Korean paintings which do not focus on perfect reproduction but rather on the atmosphere of a scene. The artworks often show wide landscapes, especially mountains and watercourses with a high sense of emotion and poetry. 
This was my entry point to create the images you can see in this video.

Project:   8K Experimental Short Film
Director: Roman De Giuli
Music:      Tristan Barton
Year:         2018
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