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FOCUS VOL. 1 is the beginning of a new footage collection to present visuals being shot over a long period of time with a specific purpose. For commercial projects, I often need to work out a method inline with a style guide or creative vision. But fluid art can be a very random thing. It’s not that hard to fill the frame with popping colors, floating around and doing their thing. The challenge is to get control and direct what is going on in your petri dish or on your canvas.
In this case, I was asked to create visuals with oil and paint, a well known method which gives you many opportunities. If you pour oil into paint, the oil encloses the paint which leads to beautiful bubbles floating on top. The client asked for a very specific behavior of the fluids: a maximum of 5 bubbles, as big as possible, steady and slow, not leaving the frame, motion of top and base layer at the same time, hard shadows, no air bubbles, blue and gold only, 50 master clips in 8K.
During this project, I learned a lot about adjusting fluids and how to practice a specific task. It was not only about the color profile and the thickness of the paint but also about the amount of oil you use, the height and speed you pour one fluid into another, the temperature, the size of plates and dishes, the rest time of paint, the exact position for good framing and much more…During R&D and production, we were weighing everything to the gram, using excel sheets and taking a lot of notes to get stable and reproducible results.
It was not about creativity, it was about being totally focused on one task and bring it to perfection.

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