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ART OF PAINT - Color Pattern and Marbling 

ART OF PAINT is the latest video from Terracollage studio showcasing colors in motion. The approach for this video was to design precise drop and lines pattern with ink on top of a black surface. The pattern were created by hand on a custom plate which can be tilted to all sides to make the liquids move and spread across the frame. This method is a combination of existing fluid art techniques with new styles of liquid applications on paper. Again, I was running extensive studies to create fluid compositions which move and evolve, but still keep a certain shape and geometry. In terms of color, my aim was to shoot this specifically for wide gamut and high dynamic range displays to demonstrate the many shades in-between peak black and white. Besides contrast, shadows and highlights, I isolated clean hues as much as possible to separate saturation from luminance. This process is technical at the end, but all handmade and experimental when staging the visuals on paper. All though the video shifts to a more colorful and complex spectrum in the second part, this project is not about color but rather about light and shadow in relation to a color.


As the liquids in this video are very thin, they move quite fast across the frame which is why I opted for a higher framerate. At 60fps the visual events can move horizontally and vertically at higher speed without the jitter you have when using standard framerates like 24p or 30p. 

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