Many people ask me how I work and how develop my visual methods. This is a short insight to give you an idea. I'm currently working on a drop machine which produces repetitive patterns of paint, like I have seen them many times when paint drops off of the paper onto my bench. At this stage I try to get it working with very simple tools and supplies. What you see is nothing else than syringes filled with a paint mix and releasing drops through a tube or another dropper which splits the fluid into multiple channels. The setup sits on a motion control device to make it move or rotate. This works fine but it's far from perfect. I usually don't release material at this stage but the follow-up is already in the pipeline so you guys can see where I started and where it went.

Film Stills

Terracollage // Roman De Giuli // Nuernberg // GERMANY // (C) 2019, all rights reserved